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ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life & Save the World



Advance Praise from bestselling authors: Dr. Melva Green, from the TV series Hoarders… Xorin Balbes, “interior designer to the stars”Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga & Many More!

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“Evan’s heartfelt message gave me goosebumps! ClutterFree Revolution does more than demystify the complexity of our stuff – it guides us through an honest conversation about what matters most. Evan shows us how the power of intentional simplicity can transform ourselves and help change the world.”

Dr. Melva Green  |  host of the critically acclaimed A&E series Hoarders & co-author of Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home


“Honest and inspiring, ClutterFree Revolution transcends the process of designing soulful spaces into an empowering movement. Evan reminds us to think beyond our own homes and recommit to the global solution. ClutterFree Revolution delivers with heart.”

— Xorin Balbes  |  ‘interior designer to the stars,’ author of SoulSpace, & founder of the world-renowned design firm, TempleHome


“Elegant. An adjective, meaning pleasingly ingenious and simple. If you’d like your life to have more of it and more of the richness and fulfillment that comes with it, then I strongly recommend you read ClutterFree Revolution. Apply its sage-like and practical wisdom, and watch your life soar on the wings of new possibility. My only wish is that I had gotten my hands on a copy much sooner.”

Rod Stryker  |  American yoga master & author of The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity and Freedom


“Your clutter is your autobiography. If your place is a mess, that’s a mirror of what’s going on inside. It’s never been clearer than how [Evan] writes about it in this easy-to-read and empowering book. The sooner your read ClutterFree Revolution, the faster you will reach your goals – inside and out. I highly recommend this book.”

Dr. Brian Alman  |  bestselling author of The Voice and Less Stress for Kids


“We all have the responsibility to shape public policy and advance issues of social justice. Of course, advocacy requires activism in the public sphere, but what is equally essential is focused activism in our personal lives. ClutterFree Revolution is a hard-hitting guide to thriving with less. Evan’s Revolution sets the stage for empowering communities around day-to-day practice. Read it and use it.”

Dedrick Asante-Muhammad  |  Senior Director Economic Department, NAACP & Executive Director, Financial Freedom Center


“We are inherently spiritual beings, but many of us have lost sight of the deeply meaningful connection we have with one another. Amidst our things, we’ve lost a bit of ourselves. ClutterFree Revolution illuminates the inspiring journey home.”

Lexie Potamkin  |  human rights activist & author of the What is Spirit book series


“If we are to empower the next generation of conscious leaders, we must focus on what matters most – and that starts at home. ClutterFree Revolution is about so much more than tidying up…it is a rally cry for Americans to get back in the game. Evan joins the ranks of today’s brightest and most compelling champions of ‘Conscious Leadership.’ ClutterFree Revolution is a must read for anyone serious about transforming their life!”

Mark Hoog  |  nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, founder of the Children’s Leadership Institute & author of the bestselling Growing Field books series


“Ostensibly about reducing clutter, this book is actually about something greater. It speaks to our happiness, our joy, and our pursuit of inner peace by teaching us how ‘owning’ can be an obstacle to ‘being.’ This book lays out a clear path to finding ourselves – our true selves – by digging out from under our physical and spiritual clutter. [ClutterFree Revolution] is the antidote to the overwhelm and despair so many of us secretly feel when confronted by the weight of our stuff.”

Flavia Berys  |  attorney, bestselling author & former NFL cheerleader


“It’s only when we live simply, that we can experience clarity. And we must have clarity, to be able to serve fully.  If that is your desire, then this is your book.”

Steve Burnett  |  author of How to Double Your Business Without Making a Sale


ClutterFree Revolution is a must read for anyone experiencing the devastating dis-ease of disorder. Evan restores hope and leads the charge for this much-needed and inspiring revolution.”

Dr. Shannon Subramaniam  |  author of Dr. Shannon Knows: The 12 Steps for Wellthy People


“What will be the great surprise to readers is that this book really isn’t about your stuff at all. It’s about you, your relationships, and your social-emotional wellness.”

Kevin Pugh  |  co-author of The Personal Vision Workbook & Dean of School Culture, Flagstaff Academy


“Our homes and businesses are where we spend most of our time. To most effectively cultivate our passions and share them with the world, it is vital that these spaces remain simple, clean and well organized. I have personally experienced this process with Evan. I am grateful for him and this important read.”

Eaden Shantay  |  developer & owner of True Nature Healing Arts    Carbondale, Colorado


Take a Peak Inside…

“This book is not simply about organizing your closets. It is a call to arms, a rally cry to take a stand in the revolution against commercial imperialism – to champion a new standard of common sense and sustainability. At its very core, the revolution starts in our homes, with our own families. For those looking to evolve out of a cluttered existence, this book is a practical guide to inform, instruct and inspire the journey to a better life – a more rewarding, more meaningful, more intentional life of purpose and abundance.

This book is about reprioritizing, redirecting scarce resources, and developing a more sustainable paradigm of market accountability and consumer responsibility. If you are reading this, after all, you probably have more opportunity and more viable resources than three quarters of the earth’s population. Paring down our stuff and becoming mindful about our spaces is not just a pleasant alternative to living in disarray, it is a moral imperative as
members of the human race. How we behave as consumers has profound implications on what happens at home as well as around the globe. This book is an instruction manual for a return to intentional simplicity, a return to less stuff and more life. When we make space for what matters in life, we enjoy our lives more. We feel more inspired to realize our full potential, and we have more energy to contribute to the global solution.

This book is about waking up to the reality of what matters most: who we love, what we do, how and why we live. Because everything else is just stuff. Take this knowledge and share it with the people you love. In doing so, collectively we become empowered to clear the cluttered path to the life we seek. This is the ClutterFree Revolution.

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