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Seriously. Now What?

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Today I speak directly to your conscience. I do not propose that we roll over or surrender our positions on the important issues of the day. I do not imply that the ideological differences between us are not worthy of earnest deliberation and purposeful resolve. Nor do I suggest that this election should not provide political transparency and vigorous debate. On the contrary, we are at a crossroads. But we must remember to serve our families and our communities with distinction and integrity – with humanity, humility, tolerance, and compromise. We are not a nation of one or another – we are all in this together, uniquely worthy of mutual respect, compassion, opportunity, and safety.

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Put the Boxing Gloves Down and Slowly Back Away

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In the New York Times bestseller, Crucial Conversations, it is said that respect is like air. When it’s there, you don’t even notice. Remove it and it’s all you can think about. You know this to be true. When we trust those around us to be kind, respectful, sincere, and forthcoming in a way that strengthens relationships – virtually anything can be discussed openly in relative safety. Respect is not based on the presumption of agreement – quite the contrary. Respect exists when ideas are thoughtfully communicated with the intent of preserving the integrity of the relationship. The outcome of the exchange is largely immaterial, so long as everyone at the table works to maintain authenticity and reverence for one another.

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Start a Revolution! Build Your Audience!

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Think about your business model and see if you can build your audience with an ideal vision and a call to action that does more than just sell goods and services – transcend your business by inspiring people to make the world a better place for all of us. If we all take this approach, commerce becomes a means for doing good – not just making money.

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Bad Bosses Can Raise the Bar

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Like stinky cheese, obnoxious bosses come in two aromas: those blissfully unaware of their subtle smelliness, and those unapologetically stinking up the entire building. If you are employed, you probably have a boss. If you are a boss, understand the influence you have on the lives of your people. I do a fair amount of career counseling for local clients seeking greener pastures, so I get an earful about unpleasant supervisors. Last year USA Today reported that “seventy-five percent of working adults say the worst aspect of their job – the most stressful aspect of their job – is their immediate boss.” Seventy-five percent. I don’t care where you work; three out of four agitated employees is a hot mess!

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