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Items that are given as gifts – are exactly that, gifted from someone else to you. If it is true that it is the thought that counts, then the intention of the gift was, in fact, the intention itself. As the recipient of that gift, it is your undeniable calling to acknowledge that thought and reciprocate with a dutiful and heartfelt thank-you-themed greeting card. The original thought of generosity was acknowledged with a returned thought of gratitude, and the intention has come full circle. The actual gift – the item – has become irrelevant. It is the thought that counts. So, ditch it. Sell it. Re-gift it. Burn it in a hole in the backyard or send it off down the river, but let it go.

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End of Life

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Far too often, our aging parents and elderly seniors inhabit cluttered spaces, wrought with obstacles, hazards and unwanted junk. The added value of taking on this project early is that de-cluttered living spaces promote calming and comfortable places to rest. Restful spaces are proven to reduce stress, improve healing and increase overall health and happiness.

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Organize Your Kitchen

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When it comes to your family’s bottom line, I usually head for the kitchen. When you can see your food inventory at a glance, you’ll save money at the market. Creating a few simple systems around the food in your kitchen will help save time and money and help create practical spaces for storage and food prep. Like everything else, I recommend the Intentional Interiors’ three-step method: 1) purge, 2) organize and 3) refresh. With only a few hours of focused intention, your kitchen will become a staging ground for maximizing your household budget.

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