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Seriously. Now What?

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Today I speak directly to your conscience. I do not propose that we roll over or surrender our positions on the important issues of the day. I do not imply that the ideological differences between us are not worthy of earnest deliberation and purposeful resolve. Nor do I suggest that this election should not provide political transparency and vigorous debate. On the contrary, we are at a crossroads. But we must remember to serve our families and our communities with distinction and integrity – with humanity, humility, tolerance, and compromise. We are not a nation of one or another – we are all in this together, uniquely worthy of mutual respect, compassion, opportunity, and safety.

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Finding Balance in Fitness

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I live in one of the healthiest places in America, and it’s not easy. Professional, semi-pro, and recreationally competitive athletes move here to live, work, and train at altitude. And they’re everywhere, racing up and down actual mountains with their toned abs, burly biceps, and well-sculpted glutes. These people are not just fit – they’re statuesque. And it’s more than just a little intimidating to stand next to them. Read this quick article to find out why I’m not going to let my ‘Dad Bod’ get me down — and why you shouldn’t either!

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Less Stuff + More Love = Better Life.

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Look, here’s the thing: The entire vibration of the world is shifting – all the time. There’s no permanence in life. The pendulum swings – that’s what it does. So, choose carefully. Choose compassion. Choose generosity. Choose right now. Choose helping others. Choose less stuff. Choose a nimble life with less impact. Choose love. Choose living today, all day, as best you can with whatever you’ve got. Hug your kids, and then start over and do it again tomorrow. That’s the whole show. If you’re feeling stuck, take a minute to read this short article …and get clarity about the rest of your day.
And the rest of your life.

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Get Organized AND Save the World

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I think our stuff is the key to saving the world. Because we are so tied to our things through globalized economies, how we choose to engage in the material world has huge implications on everything else, including the health of our planet and the sustainability of our species. When we mindlessly consume junk, we support industries that do harm. When we buy what I call the toxic, the cheap, and the too much, we inadvertently support those who don’t mind putting corporate interests above sustainable life on this planet. My daughter is six years old, and that future is simply unacceptable. Learn what YOU can do to join the ClutterFree Revolution right here…

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Aphrodisiac Goes Audible!

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Here’s something you might not expect from a professional organizer — a book about LOVE. And not just any love — EPIC love!

It all started at the end of last year… A ton of clients kept calling me to help them declutter and get organized. But after working with me for awhile, they were all saying the same thing: Clutter wasn’t their only problem — their relationships were struggling, too. Clutter and feeling disorganized was just a small part of the bigger picture. Check it out to hear Jeet share her foreword — her audio is ready NOW.

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Your Joy is Not Enough

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I’m trying something NEW…This post is now available as an audio file! Follow this link and check it out.
I’m sorry, but your joy is not enough. As responsible, contributing members of the human race, we have a responsibility to be more intentional about how and why we get organized. Tidying up is very nice, but it’s a superficial approach to a much larger issue. If examining an object and asking yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” is your only filter for whether or not something is kept – you’re missing the point!

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Aphrodisiac is here & it’s a game changer!

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It’s been a busy autumn at Intentional Solutions Headquarters. Inside, get your complimentary copy of my latest project, Aphrodisiac: Clearing the Cluttered Path to Epic Love, Great Sex & Relationships that Last. Learn about my last stop on the Hometown Book Tour at the Historic Hotel Jerome in Aspen, CO and the upcoming launch of my new flagship program: CFR ACADEMY. Looking forward to a deeply fulfilling 2016 with you!

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6 Steps to Epic Love, Great Sex & Relationships that Last

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If your love life isn’t living up to your expectations, consider a closer look at your environment. Clutter is a metaphor. When our spaces are a cluttered mess, it adds stress to any relationship. Simplifying our stuff and organizing our lives doesn’t just make life more convenient, it makes the spaces we inhabit more inspiring. These are my six steps to declutter your way to epic love, great sex and relationships that last.

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Abundance: More than Mere Happiness

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I believe there is a unique happiness found in simplicity; a kind of effortless freedom of being that exists in the absence of excess. This is the very essence of simplicity: having that which is needed, when it is needed – and not another thing more. I would take it a step further, and suggest the intentional absence of excess creates the tangible space for abundance. For me, abundance implies much more than mere happiness – it presumes a generosity of spirit that comes from sharing.

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You Have to Do the Work

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Chronic clutter is not good for you. I know it can lead to seriously harmful conditions affecting your health and well-being, and that of your children. I know there is definitive evidence linking chronically cluttered spaces to a decrease in motivation, self-esteem and optimism—as well as an increase in stress, anxiety, obesity, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, social isolationism, obsessive compulsive disorders, and countless other debilitating (and often preventable) conditions.

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The Conscious Consumer’s Manifesto

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We consider ourselves reasonably informed, responsible, intelligent, independent-thinkers – right? We tout our nuanced understanding of what’s good for our emotional well-being, our health, our relationships, our children, our schools, our businesses, our economy, our environment, our country, our planet. We talk casually about these things the way we talk about the weather and our favorite sports teams. But there is a subversive influence omnipresent in our everyday lives that has a deceptive hold on us. It shapes our behavior in a way that undermines what we know to be true.

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