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Here’s something you might not expect from a professional organizer — a book about LOVE. And not just any love — EPIC love! (My wife, Jeet, shares the audio of her foreword  right here.)

It all started at the end of last year… A ton of clients kept calling me to help them declutter and get organized. But after working with me for awhile, they were all saying the same thing: Clutter wasn’t their only problem — their relationships were struggling, too. Clutter and feeling disorganized was just a small part of the bigger picture.

It turns out, there’s a pretty significant connection between our clutter and the impact that stuff has on the relationships that matter most. So, last year over the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to write a book called Aphrodisiac. I’ll admit, it’s not Tolstoy! It’s just an 80 page pocket guide, but it’s great stuff! You can trust that I put these strategies into practice myself, because my WIFE wrote the foreword — so you know it’s legit!

Aphrodisiac is written as a casual conversation — so anyone can pick it up and learn my proven-effective (ridiculously simple) strategies to clear the cluttered path to epic love, great sex, and relationships that last and put them into practice TODAY! These are simple things you can do to make a lasting difference in YOUR love life!

Since Aphrodisiac’s release late last year, the response has been overwhelming! (You can still access the FREE ebook at http://bit.ly/23XNVfE ). But a ton of clients tell me they want to share it with their lovers, and they’ve asked for an AUDIO version they can sit and listen to TOGETHER! (What a great idea!!)

So… I’ll be releasing Aphrodisiac: Clearing the Cluttered Path to Epic Love, Great Sex & Relationships that Last on audio THIS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14th — just in time for Valentine’s Day! Use it to reconnect with your lover and hit the reset button on your home — and recommit to the collaborative loving relationship you BOTH deserve!

In this post my wife, Jeet, shares her foreword — and it’s ready for you to listen to NOW. So give it a listen and keep an eye out for a very special offer this Valentine’s Day.

Wishing you love & abundance,

Evan & Jeet


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